Saturday, 19 May 2012

Egyptian Flickr Scenes

Special thanks goes out this week to and ForeverChild Christos, Cmcsam4Dude, AkMaster, JohnPMcGrath86 and Hidden Chronicles Cafe

Zoom in Tool

Many people are loading into the game with their estates looking very small and asking how they see there estate closer up.

'Zoom in' Tool
1) Click on Settings 
2) click on Zoom in (might take a couple of times)

Estate Master's Reward

2 weeks to finish these 6 buildings and get 4400 Estate Points and a reward of 10,000 Coins

It also introduces a new building...
Davinci's Flying Machine

Sharing will post a clue for your neighbors

Friday, 18 May 2012

DISH Fast Find Quest

Looks like they dropped the price of the Spring Egg Hunt scene back down to 3 energy...

This mission is for Fast Finds so don't waste your energy playing the guardian challenges.

You'll need to keep playing Fast Finds until 'Hopper' comes up in the item list at the bottom of the game...
Once it does click on the red kangaroo. 

The faster you play the scene the better of a chance it will be on the list of items to find

Once you've found 'Hopper' the Kangaroo in two different Fast Finds,
 gathered 4750 coins and hid 5 packages you are finished

Look for your Armillary Sphere in your inventory 

There is a sweepstakes you can enter from the DiSH site

Unfortunately it is for US citizens only :( but good luck for those who enter :)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fast Find Boosts

Just got the above message in my game...

this is what happens doing a Fast Find now...

The first boost will cost and additional 3 energy and the second boost cost 6 extra energy.

One extends the bonus bar so you can continue to build it for a longer time
Colossal Combos gives you and additional bonus level (so a max of +8)
I'm guessing  Time Freeze freezes time (lol) or slows it down

In addition we can now use clues for 3 energy, free time for 5 seconds for 6 energy and swap clues if you get stuck for 3 energy.

Egyptian market items

Along with the new Egyptian themed scenes and missions introduced today, you can find new items decorations, plants, and buildings  in the market.

Ophidian War Room

Bonus Scene

Ophidian War Room

Click for a larger view...

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to go back in to replay this scene.
Maybe it will make a reappearance in the future when we get closer to solving the mystery of Ramsey Manor...

Egyptian Temple

Four part quests centered around the Egyptian Temple and the Egyptian Mask Scenes...

You only get 5 urns each post so try and pick one up off of your news feed.

I had a glitch with the 'Play Now' Button causing the game to crash and just going into the Curator's Office through the scene list didn't count for me. Had to contact Zynga support

Curator's Office

(Click picture to see it larger)

Find Everythings
4/5 Trophies
'List View'
'Our Flickr Worksheet'

Mini Game
(Click picture to see it larger)

Super Clue: Catalog Approval

Flapper Party

Find Everything

5/5 Trophies
(click to view larger)

Super Clue

Are we missing an item?
Click Picture to add it to the Flickr worksheet

Excavator's Tent

Find Everything

All the items for Excavator's Tent

Click on picture to view larger
The Excavator's Tent is the second scene of the Chapter 9 (Egyptian Mask)

Super Clue: 

Fill Trough 

Just in case something is still missing feel free to make a note below...

Click to load Flickr worksheet

Mummification Room

Find Everything
5/5 Trophies
(click to enlarge)
The Mummification Room is the first scene of the Chapter 9 (Egyptian Mask)

Super Clue:
Blue Bracelet

Step 1 pick up paint brush, Step 2 dip it in the pot, Step 3 take the blue paintbrush and click it on the bracelet to "Blue Bracelet"

Facing the Afterlife

New 5 part mission 

(Click on the pictures to enlarge if needed)

My King Tut statue came back May 22nd... Seems like the statue is safe to place now.

Egyptian Boat

A new 4 part quests opens up and introduces us to the Egyptian Mask Artifact...

For the 15 Hidden Objects you'll need to play the "Swimming Pool" Scene twice