Monday, 16 April 2012

Episodes Scenes

Twin Hearts/Titantic (All Parts)

Briggs Rose Garden
Titanic Departure
Titanic Sun Deck
Grand Staircase
Long Cold Night
Cora's Confession

Summertime Boardwalk
Midnight Train
Streets of Summer

Seance Parlor
Romany Camp
Reno Casino

Geisha Teahouse
East Meets West
Sands of Chigasaki

Goldie's Kennel
Dog Park

These are the older scenes in the Episodes Tab of the scene list:

Kipling's Tiger
Kipling's Study (8 Energy)
Vermont Library (9 Energy)
Pawn Shop (10 Energy)

A Secret Past
Click on the scene to view the 'Find Everythings' for those scenes:
Bessie's Shack
A Daring Heist
Fateful Picnic
On The Run
Regina's Diner

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