Saturday, 31 March 2012

All About Clues...

Where to get them... Clicking on an unexplored piece of land around your estate will allow you to post for clues

or you can look for wall posts from your neighbor's that give out clues...
 (this filter shows ALL the HC posts from your newsfeed) 

 Zynga has put limits on how many clues you can collect off your wall each day
 (currently it is 5 of the "Send Clue" and 5 "Get Clue" Every 24 hour)

 ((Trying to collect more than 5 will give you the message "This reward is too popular" even though the post might not be out))

 Try and post for them every chance you get. You can hold up to 35 Clues in your inventory.


  1. I have 33 clues in my inventory. I need 9 clues for 1 lot and 16 for another lot of land. How do I get access to these clues to use them?
    Please let me know @:

    1. Wendy just click on the lot you wish to open and the clues are deducted from your inventory automatically you don't have to do anything!