Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Fast Finds

What are Fast Finds?

 For as little as 3 energy you can challenge your Hidden Chronicles neighbors to a game of 'Fast Find'.
Once you've selected a neighbor to play a daily game against, a random scene will appear then you've got 60 seconds to find as many of the items listed at the bottom... build combo chains by finding multiple items in a row quickly to increase your score...

*Update- Stage Coach & British Kitchen & CBS Newsroom are now Fast Finds as well.

Tut's Tomb Living Room Ski Lodge St. Peter's Spring Egg Hunt Machu Picchu Tropical Beach

Earn reputation points and coins for competing against your friends :)
Higher your score the more coins you'll earn.
Hopefully these guides can help you get unstuck if you can't find an item.


Looks like the Spring Egg Hunt price has increased to 5 energy

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