Friday, 18 May 2012

DISH Fast Find Quest

Looks like they dropped the price of the Spring Egg Hunt scene back down to 3 energy...

This mission is for Fast Finds so don't waste your energy playing the guardian challenges.

You'll need to keep playing Fast Finds until 'Hopper' comes up in the item list at the bottom of the game...
Once it does click on the red kangaroo. 

The faster you play the scene the better of a chance it will be on the list of items to find

Once you've found 'Hopper' the Kangaroo in two different Fast Finds,
 gathered 4750 coins and hid 5 packages you are finished

Look for your Armillary Sphere in your inventory 

There is a sweepstakes you can enter from the DiSH site

Unfortunately it is for US citizens only :( but good luck for those who enter :)

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