Sunday, 20 May 2012

"This page has insecure content" Error

According to the Zynga agent I spoke with...

"Facebook has a new feature of Secure Browsing.  Since Zynga game requires your information. That message will show. However, we suggest to Turn Off Secure Browsing in Facebook to enhance game performance.  Because it may limit your game play. But this is only if you are in Facebook and playing the Zynga. Don't worry because here in Zynga, we have Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. You can check it from the link below."

Then she gave me these information links:
 Privacy Policy
Terms of Service
These might take you a while to read through if you choose to but personally I just click "Load anyway" and just play as normal or sometimes I just ignore it.

If you want to turn off Secure Browsing in Facebook follow these steps:

To turn off Secure Browsing (https):

  1. Go to your Security Settings page  > Account Settings > Security)
  2. Click on the Secure Browsing section
  3. Check the box provided and save your changes


  1. This is not acceptable. There has to be a fix for this.

    1. I'm not sure if Zynga intends to fix this error... as it doesn't affect game play it's probably low on their priority list.

    2. Since this has come up, my page hasn't been loading properly and i keep getting server problems and the game is freezing when i go to my neighbours to leave packages. :(

    3. Try to get in touch with Zynga maybe they can look into your game and see if there is another problem causing the neighbor visit freezes