Thursday, 19 April 2012

Excel HCH Worksheet

Yesterday morning I found a new bug in the trophy counting system...

I assumed I had gotten all the trophies since the total I was at was divisible by 5 but I had forgotten about one trophy.  Since the totals didn't add up I decided to investigate... After trying twice to count, I did up a Excel worksheet to help me track the totals. The totals in game weren't adding up correctly, and I also wanted to double-check before I went to Zynga about the discrepancy.

I figured I'd add in two of the other tools that I've done up in Excel as well if anyone else is interested...
Included with the "Trophy Counter", is the "Next Level Calculator" and the "4th & 5th Trophy Calculator"

I've tried to make the worksheet as easy as possible for people that don't have Microsoft Excel experience to understand.  Basically it should be just as easy as plugging in a couple of numbers in the either of the calculator's white fields to get information out. The "Trophy Counter" will take more time to fill out but will help you avoid counting the same scene more than once, and can be used as a 'todo' list while trophy collecting;  Again it should just be as easy as just inputting the numbers into the white column and getting a running total.

So if you are interested, I'm hosting the file on CX, a free file server...

->Download Excel 2007 HCH-Worksheet

Requires MS-Excel or to view and input information.

If you have any questions or comments please do so in this post on facebook
I would love to get some feedback on it... :)

EDIT: (April 28) I've made a new one to include the Kipling's Tiger scenes if anyone is interested I'll update the file just leave a comment.


  1. Hey!

    Continuing my post here where it kinda belongs :)

    Kinda funny that the trophy amounts we have differ so much. By using your excel I checked my trophies yet again, the same thing thou.. I have done all the trophies there is currently, but game says 513 is the max :/

    1. It is very strange indeed that's why I did up this chart/calculator... Zynga is aware of it but I'm not sure if it is very high on their list of priorities to fix.