Friday, 27 April 2012

Coin Fountain

Make a wish for more land with this lucky fountain.
I guess it will good for people with lots of extra energy and not enough coins???

Zynga wants to know what you think about the fountain.
Leave your feedback in this thread of their official forums.

Requirements to build:

You can throw in 2 energy every 10 seconds and get an experience point or 2 and some coins.
(The lowest I've gotten is 51 coins and the highest so far is around 1563)

UPDATE: I got asked to place and build a second coin fountain.  

Now there is three of them :/

Zynga has just added the ability to sell the fountain(s)

I heard that the fountain costs have been changed to 2 energy for everyone
so this chart isn't that helpful anymore...


  1. Can't place coin fountain so it doesnt matter. Glitch in the game prevents it

    1. Get in touch with Zynga support theduck13 they should be able to look into that issue for you.