Saturday, 7 July 2012

Some of the other map quests

Here is the what the completed map looks like...
Note how all the areas are colored in...

Make sure you click on the red circled areas to bring up mission information...

1-9: These Map Quests are completed during the Hot on the Trail quests

10. Complete the Safe Room Puzzle: Complete Geoffrey's Secret Chamber
11. Go Green, Grow Greens: Complete the Vegetable Garden from the market-> building tab.
12. Return to your Favorite Scenes: Play any 4 scenes
13. Explore Secluded Treehouse: Complete the Lofty Playroom Puzzle.
14. Build a vault (In your inventory after doing Chapter 3)
15. Complete the "Water Creatures" Collection
16. Return to "The Jeweled Cast-off": earn 13 trophies from Chapter 5
17. It's the Age of Aquarium: Place the Aquarium from inventory (old reward)
18: Explore the Secluded Lion Pond: play the scene once & unlock the Sunken Lion scene.
19: Explore the Secluded Retreat: play the scene once
20: Gather under the Rotunda: Build the Guardian Rotunda
21: Trade-in Farm Animals Collection
22: Trade-in the Secret Agent Collection
23: Place the Turquoise Pagoda: from the original quests.
24: Trophy Pile: Collect 15 trophies in Chapter 6
25: Explore the Secluded Pavilion: play the scene once
26: Complete Modern Art Collection: Trade-in the collection
27: Celebrate a Centaur Sentry: Place the Centaur statue (marketplace under structures)
28: Complete Toys and Trinkets Collection: Trade-in the collection
29: Place the Barn: from the original quests
30: Explore the Secluded Windmill
31: Trophy Stand: Gain 15 trophies in Chapter 2

Thanks to Jeanette E. and Connie B. for helping me put this list together...

Here's a picture of my map... I was at 28/31 at this point

Here are some of the pictures of the quests rewards:

Place the Centaur Statue

Turn in the "Modern Art" Collection

Replay Secluded Retreat

Build the Guardian Rotunda

Complete 17 Map Quests

Turn in Farm Animals Collection

Turn in Collection for Stage Coach

Build the Guardian garden

Ophidian War Room Rip-Off

It doesn't make sense to me but the geniuses at Zynga decided that after a couple of plays to change the requirements from 10 items to find to 5 items... or maybe I just got a lazy Customer Service agent who didn't want to report a new error I've found... any how I was told this scene was designed to only find 5 items... so as I mentioned before try to get a high score early.'

EDIT:  Zynga has fixed this scene so it is working like all the other scenes do (having 10 items to find)

Land Expansion Chart 1.03

New Land

Click for LARGER view

Here is the updated Estate Expansion Chart
it includes 8 new plots available

The Blue areas are the new plots of land just opened up.

It will take 305 Clues and $338,400 in coins to unlock the new areas up :)

Friday, 6 July 2012

Sunken Lion Find Everything

Sunken Lion

Find Everything

Click to enlarge
(3 out of 5 trophies)

Hot on the Trail

Soldier Stash is the mini-game after completing the scene

I missed the picture for Mission #5
Basically it was collect 5 clues and find the bear in the High Stake Poker Scene

 Forgot the picture for mission #10
All you needed to do was play the Geoffrey Secret Room Scene (Grounds Tab)