Monday, 16 April 2012

Featured Scenes

The Featured Tab holds the scenes that Zynga brings out for special holidays or special occasions.  Using the little yellow arrows on the side of the Scenes dialog box will allow you to scroll through them all.
  For example the "St. Patrick's Day scenes are under the Lost Harp artifact in the Featured Scenes"

Please Note:  Some of these missions were only available for a limited time so may not be available to all users. As well there is a bug that says "Keep searching your estate to find..." if you get this message after unlocking the scene try refreshing your game and double-checking your scene list before contacting Zynga.

Click on the link or picture to see the scene and to view the "Find Everything" for that scene...

Newest Featured Scenes
Fairytale Nap Time
Nursery Rainbow

Older Featured Scenes:
Candy Shop
Gingerbread Porch
Frost's Cottage Ancestral Castle Immigrant Ship Musical Quinns Kid's Tea Party Ocean Liner Buckingham Palace Drive-In Theater Skyview Room Wedding Chapel Emperor's Chambers Colonial Hong Kong Dragon Dance

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