Friday, 15 June 2012

Discover Collections

Looks like collections are here...

Starts off with a little sample to get us accustom to the new collections

Ask friends for an extra collection item
Click "Trade In" once a collection is complete

You can hold up to 35 Guardian Seals in your inventory at a time 
not sure how many are needed to unlock the Broken Bridge.

Notice the items for collections are highlighted in yellow on the item list.

They will appear randomly...
 so it might take several plays to find them especially the "Rare" or "uncommon" ones

Monday, 11 June 2012

Search for the Master Chronicles

Part 1: Geoffrey's Hidden Room

Just ask 4 neighbors to staff the Fire pit

Win puzzle pieces by playing scenes, asking friends, from wall posts and finishing quests

Hopefully 480,000 is reachable for most players 
(remember the mini-game after the scene gives out an extra 50,000)

You only get 3 Glue Bottles per post

You only get 3 Glue Bottles per post

Click to Enlarge
(4/5 trophies found under Ground Scenes)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Okuni's Fan- Part 2

New Scene Unlocked

Sands of Chigasaki

(Click to enlarge)

Outdoor Bath

Get 2000 Estate Points while taking a bath outside...

Another free item available for a limited time only...

Outdoor Bath

54 items required in total: 27 from friends and 27 from wall postings
I only got 3 items from each of my wall posts so looks like this will take a while to build