Saturday, 18 August 2012

Rebuilding the Bridge

Click on the bridge to open up this new map

We need to repair the bridge and clear debris

Once you have finished part 1 and collect the gardening claw you need to Haul the Rocks... 
Post for Large Axes and Dust Brushes...

You will need to find a super clue look for the Claw and the Hedge Trimmer on the right side of the bridge apply them both to the tree blocking the hidden door.

Now we can ask friends for the Keys and Hammers

After Clearing the debris we will need to reinforce the structure...
keep your eyes out for more engraved bricks and scaffolding on your wall

Once you have enough keys and hammers replay the puzzle and do the super clue to unlock the 
Guardian Chamber

Lighten Bookcase (2)

Remove Statue Body (2)


  1. Part 6 calls for playing 4 of your favorite scenes. However, it's actually a Fast Find requirement, so if you are having trouble completing part 6, play 4 games of fast find instead.

  2. I have all the bridge compoments checked off and all quests completed, but the status still has me at 42%.. What do I do now?

  3. are you going to provide a full object map for the Guardian Chamber scene?

  4. why does it say, "you have completed 19 bridge tasks" but also, "bridge is 100% compete" and "finish bridge for prizes" I'm confused.

    1. I'm confused too. my bridge is 100% and completed 19 tasks. What now?

  5. Me 3....What's Next after I've finished the bridge? I'm kinda confused also.

  6. mine also says 42% complete but sometimes 100% complete. what am I supposed to do/where am I supposed to go from here to be done?

  7. Mine too. Getting pretty frustrated. Everything has a check mark and I don't want to keep playing the scenes. All my trophies are full.

  8. i have the same problem as bevvy. just finished all trophies, but still nothing happening