Monday, 16 April 2012

Manor Scenes

Here is the listing for all the regular or "Manor" scenes in the game:

Following the links will load the scene image then if you wish you can follow the second link in the picture to view the "Find Everythings" (all the items) for that scene...

Scarlet Stones (8 Energy to play)

Orient Express
Paris Bistro
Thief's Lair
Jewelry Store (premium 10)

Italian Violin (8 Energy to play)

Cremona Workshop
Orchestra Room
Central Park
Manhattan Alley
Venice Canals (premium 25)

Jade Crocodile (9 Energy to play)

Mayan Temple
Conquistador Camp
Underwater Wreckage
Voodoo Shop
Midwest Kitchen
Art Studio (premium 35)

Napoleonic Sword (9 Energy to play)

Seamstress' Chamber
Russian Front
Hermitage Room
Peasant Barn
Costume Shop
British Pub (premium 40)

Jeweled Egg (10 Energy to play)

Tsarina's Room
Moroccan Bazaar
Wedding Gifts
Business Office
Garage Sale (premium 45)


Ming Vase (10 Energy to play)

Chinese Home
Silk Road
Counterfeit Kiln
Still Life
Florist Shop
Tea Garden (premium 50)

Gold Nugget (10 Energy to play)

Panhandle Creek
High Stakes Poker
Professor's Den
Skyrise Penthouse
Curio Shoppe
Prison Suite (premium 60)

Greek Statue (10 Energy to play)

Greek Agora
Fiorelli Dig
Cargo Hold
Swimming Pool
Santorini Balcony
Pompeii (premium 65)

Mummification Room
Excavator's Tent
Flapper Party Curator's Office Lovers' Boudoir Mardi Gras 1963

Egyptian Mask (10 Energy to play)

Click on a scene in the picture above


  1. i have played almost on my friends in fast find in the spring egg collection to get the kangaroo and it never came up, its getting frustrating.

  2. Read more about the Hopper Fast Find mission here Hopper