Friday, 20 April 2012

Kipling's Tiger Missions & Scenes

Want to skip to the listed Find Everythings?

Mission #1

Reward: 190 Coins 35 XP

Mission #2

Reward: 190 Coins 35 XP

Mission #3

Reward: 190 Coins 35 XP

New Scene Unlocked: Kipling's Study

Click Picture to view

Mission #4

Reward: 220 Coins 40 XP

Mission #5

Reward: 220 Coins 40 XP

Mission #6

Reward: 220 Coins 40 XP

New Scene Unlocked: Vermont Library

Click Picture to view

Mission #7

Reward: 250 Coins 45 XP
You'll need 6 neighbors to staff your Peacock Cabana

Mission #8

Reward: 250 Coins 45 XP

Mission #9

Reward: 250 Coins 45 XP

New Scene Unlocked: Pawn Shop

Click Picture to view

Mission #10

Reward: 280 Coins 50 XP

Mission #11

Reward: 280 Coins 50 XP

Mission #12

Reward: 280 Coins 50 XP and Kipling's Tiger
You'll get 3 pith helmets each time you post for them

Estate Expansion Chart

For those who haven't expanded their estates fully might find this helpful in planning out how they want to expand.

Basically it shows the requirements for the first 48 unlockable plots of land that we can own.

Click the picture for a bigger version...

Problem opening the above picture?

Try this alternate link.
or view a slightly smaller version posted in the Zynga forums

Each plot is 8 X 8... so that's 48 X 72
Someone asked if a million EP Estate is possible that would mean about 290 ep per square

Thanks to gamesplayer10 for the great idea!

Hopefully we get more land soon and I can start working on a second part!!!

Kipling's Tiger

Could it be?
Another group of literary themed missions and scenes soon will be released...

12 Missions and three new scenes:
Kipling's Study, Vermont Library, Pawn Shop

Missions and scenes are now out...

In the meantime here is Kipling's Tiger poem:


What of the hunting, hunter bold?
Brother, the watch was long and cold.
What of the quarry ye went to kill?
Brother, he crops in the jungle still.
Where is the power that made your pride?
Brother, it ebbs from my flank and side.
Where is the haste that ye hurry by?
Brother, I go to my lair to die!

Rudyard Kipling (30 December 1865 – 18 January 1936)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Excel HCH Worksheet

Yesterday morning I found a new bug in the trophy counting system...

I assumed I had gotten all the trophies since the total I was at was divisible by 5 but I had forgotten about one trophy.  Since the totals didn't add up I decided to investigate... After trying twice to count, I did up a Excel worksheet to help me track the totals. The totals in game weren't adding up correctly, and I also wanted to double-check before I went to Zynga about the discrepancy.

I figured I'd add in two of the other tools that I've done up in Excel as well if anyone else is interested...
Included with the "Trophy Counter", is the "Next Level Calculator" and the "4th & 5th Trophy Calculator"

I've tried to make the worksheet as easy as possible for people that don't have Microsoft Excel experience to understand.  Basically it should be just as easy as plugging in a couple of numbers in the either of the calculator's white fields to get information out. The "Trophy Counter" will take more time to fill out but will help you avoid counting the same scene more than once, and can be used as a 'todo' list while trophy collecting;  Again it should just be as easy as just inputting the numbers into the white column and getting a running total.

So if you are interested, I'm hosting the file on CX, a free file server...

->Download Excel 2007 HCH-Worksheet

Requires MS-Excel or to view and input information.

If you have any questions or comments please do so in this post on facebook
I would love to get some feedback on it... :)

EDIT: (April 28) I've made a new one to include the Kipling's Tiger scenes if anyone is interested I'll update the file just leave a comment.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Covered Footbridge

New Item in marketplace and 3 new missions...
Unfortunately this bridge won't let you cross the river but maybe it's a sign of new things to come

Building Requirements:

Mission 1:

Reward: 200 coins & 45 xp

Mission 2:

Reward: 250 coins & 50 xp

Mission 3:

Reward: 60 xp Balancing Rocks and a Target Hint

Monday, 16 April 2012

Grounds Scenes

These are the scenes that you've uncovered while exploring your estate, they appear on the GROUNDS tab of the scene list:

  • Pavilion
  • Dreaming Piano-COMING SOON
  • Stained Glass Window-COMING SOON

Two ground scenes have come to us via buildings and puzzles

  • Poolside Party
  • Tuscan Villa
Estate Bridge Scenes

  • Broken Bridge
  • Guardian Chamber
  • Guardian Archive
  • Guardian Vault
  • Ramsey Bridge

I'll update the 'Coming Soon' scenes as soon as they are eventually released... Like our fan page on facebook for the latest updates to the game.

Featured Scenes

The Featured Tab holds the scenes that Zynga brings out for special holidays or special occasions.  Using the little yellow arrows on the side of the Scenes dialog box will allow you to scroll through them all.
  For example the "St. Patrick's Day scenes are under the Lost Harp artifact in the Featured Scenes"

Please Note:  Some of these missions were only available for a limited time so may not be available to all users. As well there is a bug that says "Keep searching your estate to find..." if you get this message after unlocking the scene try refreshing your game and double-checking your scene list before contacting Zynga.

Click on the link or picture to see the scene and to view the "Find Everything" for that scene...

Newest Featured Scenes
Fairytale Nap Time
Nursery Rainbow

Older Featured Scenes:
Candy Shop
Gingerbread Porch
Frost's Cottage Ancestral Castle Immigrant Ship Musical Quinns Kid's Tea Party Ocean Liner Buckingham Palace Drive-In Theater Skyview Room Wedding Chapel Emperor's Chambers Colonial Hong Kong Dragon Dance

Episodes Scenes

Twin Hearts/Titantic (All Parts)

Briggs Rose Garden
Titanic Departure
Titanic Sun Deck
Grand Staircase
Long Cold Night
Cora's Confession

Summertime Boardwalk
Midnight Train
Streets of Summer

Seance Parlor
Romany Camp
Reno Casino

Geisha Teahouse
East Meets West
Sands of Chigasaki

Goldie's Kennel
Dog Park

These are the older scenes in the Episodes Tab of the scene list:

Kipling's Tiger
Kipling's Study (8 Energy)
Vermont Library (9 Energy)
Pawn Shop (10 Energy)

A Secret Past
Click on the scene to view the 'Find Everythings' for those scenes:
Bessie's Shack
A Daring Heist
Fateful Picnic
On The Run
Regina's Diner