Sunday, 22 April 2012


Looking for neighbors?

Neighbors are necessity to get ahead in the game. Seems like we can never have enough.

Even if they don't appear in our game to visit, they still can helpful returning gifts or requested items or clicking on our posts and posting for things that we can click on to help each other out :)

Remember: Be a good and helpful neighbor!


Just add your name to the post (include important details on what kind of player you are or what kind of neighbors you are expecting) 

I usually send a personal message out to other people that are still on the list, just cause facebook has some weird rules about adding people and getting in trouble for sending out too many friend requests.

You can always find our list here...

Need to remove neighbors?

Do you have people that no longer play?

-Unfortunately there is no way to do it yourself,
you'll need to send a list of people that you want gone from the game to Zynga for removal.

You can try connecting to Zynga via the Live Chat link
Hidden Chronicles Live Chat! OR here is a link to send them an email

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  1. ADD ME Please!! I need assistance with getting parts to finish quest and puzzles. Thank you. P.S. I PLAY EVERY DAY!!