Friday, 30 March 2012

Navigating Zynga Support

Start of from the Zynga Support site (

Then Click HC from the list of games on the Left.

Click on your issue if it is listed there if not do a search to bring up an article.

Once you've loaded up an article you'll see the Zynga logo and underneath a link to "Get Started" (if it isn't there then click on a post) then click "Facebook Login" that should fill in your information, you might need to fill any missing information (like your email address)... click Submit to go to the next screen.

*Sometimes at this point hitting the back button on your browser or clicking on HC on the left of the screen will cause the 'Chat Live' link to appear in the top right hand corner. (if there are agents available)

if there isn't an agent available you'll only see the email link
You can refresh the page until the live chat logo shows up or...

Otherwise just continue filling out the the second page of the form to send Zynga email...

You'll get a confirmation email to your account that contains an incident number
(Use it to track all correspondence of the issue you reported.)

Some of the other places you can get help from Zynga...

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