Monday, 20 August 2012

Chefville Cross-promotion

So that's 1 Fireplace, 7 Target Hints and roughly 1000+ Coins 500+ XP 

 I was well over level 20 in ChefVille so most of this mission completed without even opening up that game...

If you haven't looked at ChefVille it is a update/remake of Chefworld another Zynga game... The graphic style is more like The Ville and basically follows the click to interact gameplay model.  It was a fun game but I ran across a couple of minor bugs and I noticed that the next time I loaded up the splash screen had the word "Beta" underneath the title.  Judge for yourself it's not a hard trek to level 3 to get a couple of rewards... in fact I think it only took me about 10-15 minutes... to get to level 12 will take a bit longer...

Zynga usually runs these promotions for 2 weeks... if you don't want to try it out the mission will normally remove itself by then, so just ignore it or try it :)

Here is the newsfeed filter for ChefVille :

Check out Zynga's ChefVille facebook page for free ingredients...
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