Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Lucky Bear Part 1

Summertime Boardwalk

Find Everything

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New collection is out as well...

There are some new items you might want to get a head start on building while waiting for the rest of this mission:


  1. Hi!

    First of all thanks for hosting such a great site, given me a few useful clues on how to tackle some of the "not so nice" levels in this game (dog park ...)

    My question, sorry for it being in propably the wrong place, is that what is your current trophy count? I seem to have 5 trophies from every single place (including the Premium's) yet my total trophy count is 513 .. Considering 5 trophies/"level" is the max. there's no way 513 can be max (I have checked a zillion times, am not missing any)

    Any ideas or have you encounter/heard about something like this before ?

    1. I did up this post in April about this...
      I haven't updated the file since then I don't think there are too many Excel junkies like me out there... I have 522 trophies at the moment.

  2. On the Summertime Boardwalk scene. Soda bottles just to the left of the funnel cake and funhouse mirrors just to the right of the ticket booth