Monday, 11 June 2012

Search for the Master Chronicles

Part 1: Geoffrey's Hidden Room

Just ask 4 neighbors to staff the Fire pit

Win puzzle pieces by playing scenes, asking friends, from wall posts and finishing quests

Hopefully 480,000 is reachable for most players 
(remember the mini-game after the scene gives out an extra 50,000)

You only get 3 Glue Bottles per post

You only get 3 Glue Bottles per post

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(4/5 trophies found under Ground Scenes)


  1. 480,000 is going to be tough to get on Cremona's Workshop. Only 10 people in my group got more than that.

    Also, after you get to 4 trophies, I think they give you fewer items, so it is nearly impossible to reach a higher score. My highest score is just less than 500,000. The last item is generally worth 32,000, so without that extra item, I'm going to have a really hard time. I bet many people won't make it, unless they haven't reached 4 trophies yet.

    1. It's the same amount of items you get to locate everytime... hopefully the superclue can help you get over the 480,000 point requirement of that mission... I had to relook through the Flickr 'find everything' for a reminder for that scene it had been months since I last played it.

    2. Thanks for the flickr link; that was really helpful.

      Another thing I am confused about--how do you find the puzzle pieces, and what about unlocking the sets after the first two? Sometimes I get a puzzle piece as a reward when I replay a scene. Is there any way to tell when that will happen?

    3. Puzzle pieces will 'drop' randomly when playing scenes.

  2. I am stuck at 8 of 8 - set 5 of the puzzle pieces is not unlocking for me, so I am sitting at 49 puzzle pieces, needing 11 more - even though I am told to 'go to the puzzle' as shown in the screenshot above. I was able to post for the glue and request the sponge brushes, but not puzzle pieces

    Anyone else having that issue?

  3. I am stuck on 6 of 8, needing 8 more puzzle pieces (32/40). Set 3 is still locked & I am not getting any puzzle pieces from doing scenes.

    What needs to happen to unlock Set 3 & above???

  4. ATTN:
    I was told by a Zynga CS agent that the sets should be unlocking after completing the previous set...

    Not sure why they aren't unlocking like they should (glitch in the game programming??) Get in touch with Zynga for assistance in unlocking the sets to be able to continue the game.

  5. Well, I´m stucked on 7 of 8, still missing 5 pieces to 49, I can´t ask for them and it´s been 2 days of continuous playing without geting pieces from the scenes. Can anyone help me?