Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Santorini Sunset Sweepstakes!

Zynga is having another contest...Should be pretty straight forward for most.
All you need to do is finish the Greek Statue Quest part 5 by Sunday, you will win a FREE Rock Waterfall! 

Already done that mission? You've already won!

If not you have until May 6th,2012 11:59 PDT to get it completed.

Where to find the quest? 

  It's the final quest in Chapter 8 called "Santorini Sunset", associated with the Buried Beauty scenes in the Manor tab of your scene selector.

View contest details here on Zynga's forum.

Greek Statue Quests:

Home of the Huntress I
Observe the Unveiling at the Greek Agora  (unlock scene) 
Find What’s Hidden at the Greek Agora  (play scene)  
Reward: 1700 coins and 145xp

Artemis Reclaimed II
Search for the Truth at Fiorelli’s Dig  (unlock scene) 
Scour the Dig Site for Hidden Objects  (play scene)  
Baseboard, 850 coins and 145xp

Precious Cargo III
Get Transported to Another Time in the Cargo Hold  (unlock) 
Discover Precious Findings in the Cargo Hold (play the mini-game)
Tool Belt, 880 coins and 150xp

Forgotten Goddess IV
Earn 4 Trophies in the Greek Agora scene of the Greek Statue 
Take a Dip in A Luxurious Swimming Pool (unlock scene)
Go Poolside to Find more Hidden Objects (play scene)
Reward: 1760 coins, 150xp

Santorini Sunset V
Take in the view at the Santorini Balcony (unlock scene)
Watch the Sunset as you Search for Hidden Objects (play scene) 
Reward: 910 coins, 155xp, Acropolis

So if you've got the Acropolis you've already finished these quests, I still don't have the Rock Waterfall in my inventory I'm assuming it will be there by Sunday.

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