Monday, 7 May 2012

Zynga HC LIVE event

Last week Zynga put this message up on their HC forum:

"Greetings Guardians! 

We will be hosting a LIVE event next Tuesday, 5/8! To prepare, play Hidden Chronicles! Pay attention to all the items in the scenes, especially the clues! 

Keep an eye on the forums and the Hidden Chronicles Fan Page for more details! 

Good luck!"

What a joke!
I've been checking the forum all week 
Very poorly run and managed
there was no notice that the event was starting...!-5-8-1pm-PDT

Still waiting for Zynga to send me the email they promised about the event including when it will start :/

Not a happy camper :( Sorry for the rant

Here's what I managed to catch of the contest before it closed...

Here is the link with the winners

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